Mokie Needs Training class!

Hi all,

I’ve decided to start a “Mokie needs training class.” I’m always busy training everyone else’s dogs, I need to get Mokie down to the classroom and train/proof some behaviors!

This class will be fun and relaxed. Since I will be splitting my time working with my dogs and helping you with yours, I am happy to offer a low rate of $60/month which includes four one hour sessions.

For your entry fee, you are allowed use of the Clicking with Canines large classroom during that time. You may use many of the agility obstacles at the classroom, the rally obedience signs, etc. We may work on proofing some CGC-related behaviors also, or you can use this as prep time before enrolling for a CGC class.

Games and play time may be incorporating during the training hour.

I will allow a maximum of six dogs, and require a minimum of three dogs. Please contact me at if you are interested in signing up for this class!

Pre-requisite: Any Clicking with Canines, Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training, or Dogs on the Run class.

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