Congratulations to February’s Clicker Trick of the Month winners…discdogshayne!

Our first Clicker Trick of the Month contest has come and gone.

We had amazing entries! Want to train your dog to blow bubbles? You grandson to be a pretty ballerina? A slipper retrieve for the reluctant “fetcher”? Want to teach your dog some manners and train her to “be a lady?” Interesting in dancing with your dog? Learn leg weaves!

View training plans and videos for the mentioned behavior in our Clicker Trick of the Month forum!

What was the winning behavior, you might ask?

Our friend Tena trained her delightful Border Collie Shayne to do handstands!

Shayne does a handstand!

This is but one of Shayne’s many wonderful tricks. Tena has trained Shayne to be an amazing frisbee dog!

View her youtube page discdogshayne on youtube for videos on training the handstand and other fun clicker tricks!

If you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area, there is a link on Tena’s youtube page for information on joining a frisbee dog club. If she were closer to us, you can bet Mokie and I would join with enthusiasm!

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