Clicker Trick of the Month Winner for March – Hamtaroplanet!

I’m back from ClickerExpo, and it’s good to be home! I must say, it is a very incredible experience to be surrounded by so many talented and inventive trainers. Literally and figuratively, the most positive people you’ll ever have the pleasure of congregating with!

A winner has been determined for our March Clicker Trick of the Month contest. Congratulations to Hamtaroplanet (Sophia).

Sophia is an animal behavior student from Singapore, and has amused RBDT forumites with wonderful training videos of her guinea pig and goldfish training. The video she submitted this month was of her goldfish Gong Yoo being trained to swim through hoops.

Here is her entry which includes a training log and video.

We are now accepting entries for April’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest. Submissions are due April 25th; submit yours and show us what makes you click!

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