Rewarding Behaviors loves Nina Ottosson dog toys!

The ClickerExpo store was phenomenal. I swear I could have spent my tax return, your tax return, and then some easily, ha!

In any case, the best purchase of the weekend was without question “The Brick” dog puzzle toy by Nina Ottosson. The toys are a bit pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion!

The Brick is awesome! Both Mokie and Monte give their new toy two enthusiastic paws up!

The toy is durable and easy to clean. The box said the toy is “slobber proof,” a claim which Monte has tested and confirmed.

The toys are ranked 1 – 3 in terms of difficulty, and “The Brick” is labeled a “level 2.” I really wish that I had also purchased the “Tornado” which is “level 3” difficulty. “The brick” is fun, but my super genius dogs empty it out pretty quickly.

I’ll probably bring it down to the classroom and let some of the other pups check it out. I will certainly be expanding my collection of Nina Ottosson toys, they are well worth the price!

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