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Hi all!

Speaking of networking through dogster (see my last blog entry)…

I was at ClickerExpo in Providence this year and had the opportunity to meet one of my oldest dogster pals, a trainer who is working to change the world for her fearful Border Collie, Sunny and other dogs like her. Funny, since we had “known” each other from dogster for so long, we introduced ourselves as Mokie and Sunny initially – ha!

In any case, Debbie’s website, is one that I refer clients and friends to frequently. Debbie has done a great job creating a site which both supports and provides specific and effective training techniques for owners and friends of fearful dogs everywhere. I am also currently reading Debbie’s first (and hopefully not last) published book, A Guide to Living & Working With a Fearful Dog, which was a finalist in the 2008 Dog Writers of America’s Writer’s Competition.

I hope shortly to start doing a monthly interview with selected positive reinforcement trainers on my site, and Debbie has volunteered to be my first “victim.”

Thank you, Debbie, for being such a great friend to people and dogs; for being a staunch advocate for fearful dogs, and for all that you’ve done to change the world for Sunny. You are an inspiration.

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