Rewarding Behaviors launches new forum feature – Pet Expert of the Month column

About the new feature:

One of my favorite things about becoming a trainer are the opportunities I’ve had to network with with other talented positive reinforcement trainers (specializing in a variety of species), dedicated shelter workers, veterinary technicians and veterinarians, canine massage therapists, pet sitters, behaviorists, dog walkers, and nutritionists, among others! Through my KPA experience, dogster, RBDT, ClickerExpo, etc., I have had the opportunity to meet many such people. I know how much all of their collective wisdom has influenced and helped my development as a trainer, and some of them have been gracious enough to volunteer their time answering RBDT board members’ training questions.

I have decided to start featuring one of these friends each month (or as often as I can find volunteers!). Throughout the month, we will collect questions from the RB board members, and the featured trainer will then answer them in a Q & A type format; an electronic training advice column.

Check out the new forum here.

Are you a pet professional who would like to volunteer as a future pet expert? Please send me your bio today via

Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training forum welcomes pet owners, pet professionals, and any other individuals interested in learning more about the application of positive reinforcement training (specifically clicker training). What are you waiting for? Create an account today and join the fun!

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