Rewarding Behaviors welcomes Debbie Jacobs, creator of as our first monthly pet expert!


Debbie Jacobs lives in southern Vermont with her husband and 4 dogs. Sunny her fearful dog is a survivor of a 477 dog hoarding site discovered after the hurricanes of 2005. Though Debbie had been involved in rescue and had trained her own dogs for years, when Sunny arrived to her home she began a crash course in working with a seriously damaged, fearful dog. In the 3.5 years since his arrival she has focused on learning about the most effective and humane ways of helping scared dogs learn new behaviors and responses to the things that scare them. She is the creator of the website and her ebook “A Guide To Living & Working With A Fearful Dog” was a finalist in the 2008 Dog Writers of America Association’s annual competition.

Do you have a fearful dog? If so, submit your questions to Debbie on our forum!

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