Coming in August: mini-courses for loose leash walking and reliable recall

Each orientation, I ask the attending students what their top training priorities are. Loose leash walking and reliable recall are without fail the most popular answers.

Responding to my clients’ needs and concerns, I am developing mini-courses just for each of these behaviors which will be launching at our Endicott facility in August. Mini-courses are great for the dog that already has good manners at home but needs work on loose leash walking and/or recall specifically.

The price for each mini-course will be $75 and includes an orientation, a clicker and a treat bag, and four, one-hour long classes. Does your dog need to learn both loose leash walking and a reliable recall? Take both classes for a discounted rate of $125!

If you are interested in signing up for one of these classes, please contact for more information. I’m sure the classes will fill quickly, so reserve your spot today!

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