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Winniethecorgi learns the ring toss!. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more fabulous, Winniw wows us yet again! You can view her video here.

Barkley Orville learns to freeze! Too cute with all those treats on his nose, I love this! View the video here.

Hamtaroplanet created an amazing home made agility set for her hamster and taught him to run it. Sophia’s youtube video has received almost 100,000 views, have you seen it?

DancingCavy, future freestyle champion, submitted a video on training “go to place.” This is one of the foundation behaviors at Clicking with Canines and I think it’s such an important behavior for all dogs to learn, her training plan and video are posted here.

At Clicking with Canines, targeting is viewed as a foundation skill because it is useful in teaching so many behaviors. One of the many wonderful applications of targeting is the doors it opens to a trainer wanting to do distance work on behaviors. DiscdogShayne’s entry this month focuses on just that topic. Here is her video, showing how to target train: Go to your mark, Scoot from a distance, Spin and other at a distance, Down at a distance (w/ no voice command), Sit at a distance to a stand (with hand and voice), Down on recall, and finally down at heel.

Who’s your favorite? Make sure you vote today!

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