Rewarding Behaviors Clicker Trick of the Month contest winners

I am playing around with trying to embed videos from youtube into my wordpress blog posts, and figured there would be no better material to experiment with than the winners past – present of the RBDT Clicker Trick of the Month contest!

February 2009 Winner – Discdogshayne learns a handstand!

March 2009 Winner – Hamtaroplanet’s goldfish learns to swim through hoops!

April 2009 Winner – WinnietheCorgi’s reverse leg weaves!

May 2009 Winner – Zigana’s duckling Tuesday learns to spin!

June 2009 Winner – Hamtaroplanet’s Hamster agility!

July’s voting will open this weekend, who will be the next winner?

You may be the winner in August’s contest, start working on your August entry videos today!

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