Check out July’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest entries – vote for your favorite today!


DiscdogShayne always sets a high bar with her entries in the CTotM contest and this month is no different! In one 15 minute training session, Shayne learned to go into her crate and close the door behind her. Want to see Tena’s training plan? After you do, you should also check out her video!

Jasminny’s entry this month is the dumbbell retrieve. What owner doesn’t want a dog who will fetch? If you’re having difficulty teaching your reluctant retriever, check out Jasminny’s training plan and watch her video entry for tips on her to train your pooch an enthusiastic retrieve!

This month’s final entry is from DancingCavy. Since Jamie and Risa are a freestyle team, their entry this month is a flashy freestyle behavior – backwards circling around the handler! Jamie’s detailed training plan is available here and here is her training video:

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