Thinking about getting a new puppy? Free e-copy of Ian Dunbar’s “Before You Get Your Puppy”

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When you choose a new puppy, you need to meet six developmental deadlines before your puppy is just five months old. “BEFORE You Get Your Puppy” covers the first three developmental deadlines covering the period of puppy selection until your puppy’s first week at home.

1st Developmental Deadline: Your Education About Puppy Education – Before you search for a puppy you need to complete your education about puppy education. You need to know how to select a good puppy and how puppies work. Selecting a puppy is similar to selecting a car: Do lots of research beforehand and “test drive” a wide variety. But first, you need to learn how to drive.

2nd Developmental Deadline: Evaluating Your Prospective Puppy’s Progress – Before you choose your puppy, you need to know how to assess your prospective puppy’s current socialization and educational status. Regardless of breed or breeding, if socialization, housetraining, and basic manners are not well underway by eight weeks of age, the puppy is already developmentally retarded.

3rd Developmental Deadline: Errorless Housetraining & Chewtoy-Training Make certain that an errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training program is instituted from the very first day your puppy comes home.

About the Author
Veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and author Dr. Ian Dunbar is Director of the Center for Applied Animal Behavior, Founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and host of the British TV series “Dogs with Dunbar.” Dr. Dunbar is the author of numerous books and videos, including “SIRIUS Puppy Training” and “How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks.” Ian lives in Berkeley, California, with little brown dog Oliver, large brown dog Claude, and a kitty called Mitty.

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