Vote for your favorite entry in August’s Clicker Trick of the Month contest!

It’s time yet again to vote for your favorite RBDT forumite in the Clicker Trick of the Month contest! We have some great entries from contest veterans and are pleased to welcome a new contender this month, rescuearidgeback!

Our first entry came from Naomi, training her service dog Barkley Orville to “find mom” in a store. Here is a link to Naomi’s training plan. Barkley is always a strong contender, offering tricks which are both clever and useful; this month’s entry is no exception!

Watch Barkley’s great video to see the finished product!

Our second entry this month came from our new member, rescuearidgeback. Marge trained her Rhodesian Ridgeback Rounder to recognize shapes as cues for behaviors (left paw, right paw, and down) based on British clicker trainer Kay Laurence’s “Learning Games”. Welcome to Marge and thanks for a great entry this month! Here is Marge’s training plan and to watch Rounder in action, check out her youtube video!

DiscdogShayne lives up to her reputation as a top competitor with a stellar offering this month. Shayne’s trainer Tena says this is one of the behaviors she is most often requested to teach, but does not recommend teaching the backstall to Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands. What is a backstall? A backstall involves a dog jumping on the owner’s back and staying until released to another behavior. Here is Tena’s training plan and here is her great youtube video!

Finally, we have Jamie and Risa’s entry this month, a behavior which is both cute, a great canine communication signal, and a freestyle move! Risa learns to take a bow! Training a bow is always a crowd pleaser. Check out Jamie’s great training video and Risa’s beautiful bow!Cast your vote today for your favorite video entry!

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