Rewarding Behaviors seeks Pet Experts of the Week!

Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training seeks Pet Experts of the Week.

Pet experts can be veterinarians, vet techs, trainers, behaviorists, rescuers, pet business advisors/web developers, dog walkers, pet sitters, etc.

If you are interested in participating as a Pet Expert of the Week, contact

You will be asked to create a bio which will be posted both in the forum and on the Rewarding Behaviors home page. I will also be sure to let my Facebook, dogster, and twitter fans that you will be appearing on RB!

Pet experts of the week are encouraged to choose their own topics on animal training.

Sample topics include:

Breed specific behaviors
Shaping behaviors
Criteria setting
Complex training tools
Service dog selection/training
Rescue dog selection/assessment
Choosing the right dog
Teaching your pet to play
Any dog sport you like (Schutzund, hunting, agility, flyball, freestyle, you name it!)
Dominance theory
Growing your client base
Canine body language
Training equipment
Holistic health care for dogs
Canine nutrition
Canine fitness
Games you can play with your dog
Dog training in the media
Addressing unwanted behaviors
Training other species
Selecting reinforcers
Reinforcement schedules
Medications for behavioral problems
Training a reliable recall
Training resources (books/vids/seminars/websites, etc.)

Pet experts are encouraged to suggest/submit their own topics for discussion.

Thanks for your consideration, I hope that you will share your training knowledge with the wonderful members of the Rewarding Behaviors board!

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