Rewarding Behaviors welcomes Tena Parker as this week’s Pet Expert

You may recognize Tena and her dog Shayne as frequent participants (and winners of) the Clicker Trick of the Month contest.

This week, we are happy to welcome Tena as the Pet Expert of the Week on Rewarding Behaviors. This week, Tena will be answering your questions on physical conditioning for the canine athlete. If you need help getting your dog in good physical condition, join the forum fun and ask Tena your questions!

More on Tena:

Tena and Shayne’s youtube page

Tena, founder of Steel City Disc Dogs, has been seriously working with dogs for about 10 years. She started as an apprentice trainer as a teenager and worked up to being the primary trainer for a city dog pound and being the founder of a disc dog training club. She works primarily with “unadoptable” dogs at the shelter (most with aggression or fear issues) and with dogs who are learning the sport of canine disc but she has a small contingent of private clients working on a wide variety of issues, from obedience to manners. She has created curriculum for canine disc seminars, workshops, and frisbee play-days in conjunction with a local agility training club. She lives and breathes for high drive, high energy, herding dogs like border collies and cattle dogs. In all of her free time, Tena has earned her Masters Degree in Education and is an educator as her ‘day job’. She currently resides in Westchester, NY with her border collie-ish, Shayne.

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