Rewarding Behaviors welcomes this week’s Pet Expert, Dayna Dreger. Topic? Building drive for competition

Last week’s expert was our busiest yet. In fact, Eric was so busy I asked him to stay on an extra few days. Dog Spelled Forward’s Eric Goebelbecker joined us to discuss teaching your dog to play. Even the most play-reluctant dogs can usually be taught to enjoy games and play.

Did you miss out on the fun? Check out the discussion on the RBDT forum! Want to learn more from Eric? You can find his business online at You can also follow Dog Spelled Forward on twitter (, on on Facebook, as well as on

Last week’s topic from Eric leads nicely into this week’s pet expert and topic. I could not be more pleased to introduce my wonderful friend Dayna Dreger as this week’s expert. Dayna is answering your questions on Building Drive for Competition. Don’t miss this chance to ask Dayna your training questions!

Introducing Dayna:

Dayna Dreger BSA, M.Sc. is a research technician in canine molecular genetics by day. The rest of her time is devoted to dog training and competition. She is a trainer with Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club, where she focuses on training Rally-O, and River Runners Canine Association, a NAFA flyball team. She is also an assistant evaluator with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

She trains and competes her own dogs (two Dogster Shelties, Gio and Romeo) in CKC and CARO Rally-O, CKC obedience, AAC agility, NAFA flyball, tracking, herding, and therapy dog work.

Dayna is the author of a popular dog blog, Life is Better With Sheltie Hair, where she provides entertaining stories of her adventures in dog sports as well as informational articles on canine epilepsy, positive training, raw feeding, and dog-specific issues.

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