Thrilled to announce I’m joining the Good Dog Blog team on

Dogster, have I told you lately that I love you?

I have been a member of the website since shortly after I brought home a fluffy, brown, Chow mix puppy over four years ago now. I love this site. I have “met” the most wonderful dog people ever on dogster, many of whom have turned into true friends, some of whom I’ve attended conferences with, hosted as guests at Clicking with Canines and/or welcomed into my home, and a few of whom I’ve welcomed as pet experts on our forum. (This week’s expert, Dayna Dreger, is “mom” to dogster forum moderator pups Gio and Romeo.)

A while back, I was invited by dogster to participate as one of the bloggers on their wonderful Daily Dog Tips blog. The daily tips blog is a lot of fun. You can choose to get the tips emailed to you, sign up for the RSS feed, or follow @dogster on twitter so you don’t miss any great tips.

I’ve had other opportunities to work with dogster providing behavior and training information, and value the opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much, not least of which was the information needed to prepare my dog a species-appropriate raw diet (thanks, M & G folks!).

Recently, dogster’s training blog, The Good Dog Blog lost one of their phenomenal contributing bloggers, Grisha Stewart (of Ahimsa Dog Training. Grisha is a phenomenally talented trainer and a fellow KPA grad.

To my dogster friends that will miss Grisha and want to keep learning from her, I suggest you follow her tweets (@doggiezen on twitter). I also recommend checking out Grisha’s wonderful new yahoo group, caterpillardogs. If you have a fearful, reactive, or aggressive dog, this group is an invaluable resource.

I am happy to say I have been provided with the opportunity to come on board at the Good Dog Blog on dogster. I admit that I am a bit daunted, Grisha leaves big shoes to fill. I’m honored and excited to pick up where she left off with GDB, and to help the Good Dog Blog on their mission of educating and improving the lives of dogs and their people.

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