A big “thank you” to Tails Pet Media Group

My friend Katie lives in Chicago and owns a fabulous, tres-chic pet boutique called Parker’s Pets. Katie is a great friend, fellow raw feeder, and fabulous mom to three rescued Pomeranians.

Pet owners and devotees in the city of Chicago, along with those in Boston, Orlando, Cincinnati, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Jose, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. are lucky enough to have access to a wonderful publication called Tails Pet Magazine.

Tails Pet Magazine is a free publication, available at over 10,000 locations in available cities, with a readership of over 1.5 million pet lovers.

Katie was at work, thumbing through her most recent issue of Chicagoland Tails and sent me a Facebook message to let me know of her surprise to find I had joined the Furry Forum team of experts. Because she is a dear friend, she even took and sent pictures from her mobile phone of the copy, knowing I don’t receive the publication here in Binghamton. (Katie is so wonderful, in fact, that she offered to send me some print copies!)

Thus far, my experience working with this organization has been absolutely wonderful. Theirs is a publication I enjoy a great deal (and read online, you can too, regardless of where you live!) and I look forward to future issues, training questions, and inspiration from Tails Pet Magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, TPMG (Tails Pet Media Group), it has been such a pleasure!

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