This week we welcome Leslie Fisher as our expert, discussing management

I’m thrilled to welcome my facebook friend Leslie Fisher as this week’s expert on the Rewarding Behaviors forum. Leslie is joining us to discuss the importance of management in a training or behavior modification program.

You can join the discussion and learn from Leslie in our Pet Expert of the Week forum.


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Leslie Fisher – Look What I can Do!

Look What I Can Do! Dog Training was founded in December 2006, realizing the transformation of a life long passion and hobby into a thriving business. I grew up in a multi-dog household of mutts, strays, adoptees and rejects: you name it! In fact, I brought home the first family dog, old Tramp, at the tender age of 5, and can remember saying, “Mom, look what I found.” My mother, now deceased, is largely responsible for installing in me the nurturing and loving of all animals; that lives on in me today as an adult. These words are written in loving memory of my mother; she would be so proud of what I am doing these days! These days I am busy volunteering with Paws For Life in Chesapeake City MD. I often think of Mom and the stories I could be telling her about the dogs.

Given the above, it should come as no surprise that my main philosophy is “do no harm, nurture trust.” I firmly believe that you need not hurt any animal to train it, and that is how I operate my business, passing that creed along to my clients, as they learn how to positively reinforce their dogs for desired behaviors, and manage or prevent the unwanted behaviors. There is always an alternate behavior a dog can be rewarded for.

Currently, I live in North East, MD in a home with a big rural lot, and a large fenced in yard where the dogs romp and play. My beloved Billiebob, 15 year-old Collie X, passed on 3/11/2009. He had a long and wonderful life and is sorely missed. A liver cancer became very aggressive and he was humanely euthanized, surrounded by his family. He was the BEST DOG EVER and came from humble beginnings: a stray at a local Acme Store. Currently we have Talley: sweet English Lab that was released from service work, and Bridget, gregarious American Lab. released from service work due to seizure activity. Both dogs are a great help with the business. Finally there is Bagger, my 22-pound polydactyl domestic short hair cat, who arrived on our front door step and is still here! Thanks to all that have supported me along the way, and continue to support my endeavors. I never could have done it without you.

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