A great article and a great laugh!

I came across this blog recently and had to share with my readers.

For many, many reasons, gifting someone a puppy for Christmas is a bad idea. This blog covers some of those reasons, along with providing great tips for prospective puppy owners wanting to prepare themselves for a new arrival:

A Dog is for Life, Not just for Christmas! pets1st.com – Resources for you and your pet.

Some of my favorite tips for puppy parents to be from the article:

Pour cold apple juice on the carpet in several places, and walk around barefoot or wearing socks in the dark. Step in cold places over and over, swearing profusely. Then get out the brush and cleaning fluid. Commence scrubbing. Sometimes the stains will lift; sometimes not. Make sure you’re okay with this.

Slightly slice fingers and hands (especially knuckles) in many places with razorblades, and stick sides of hands and fingertips repeatedly with sharp needles. Repeat with feet and toes, especially heels. Make sure you can tolerate the feeling and the sore, red wounds you’ll carry with you for days.

Think you’re ready for a new bundle of joy? Check out this article for more great info and good laughs.

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