B’lanna is an RBDT Happy Holidog!

B’lanna belongs to my client Paula and lives with Taqua, the Slovensky Kuvac pictured in an earlier blog entry.

B’lanna came into foundation classes terrified. She’d been rescued from a puppy mill where she lived outside during the cold winter in a crate filled with other dogs. Her first class, B’lanna hid under the chair, trembling, and could not eat.

A short while later, with some diligent and patient training, B’lanna is a changed dog. While her rehabilitation is far from complete, she went from running and hiding when strangers approached to greeting them with the loveliest play bow you’ve ever seen. She met dogs more than twice her size with confidence – she began playing, exploring.

Paula and B’lanna are a great dog team, and it is a pleasure to work with them!

This year for Christmas, B’lannas wish is for the whole world to realize what Paula and I have always suspected – that she’s actually a Great Dane trapped in a Jack’s body!

Merry Christmas, Miss B’lanna. I wish you a life of joy and courage, filled with great treats and scratches from the people you love.


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