Finn is an RBDT Happy Holidog!

I remember Finn’s handler Amanda bringing him into the classroom for the first time. Finn was the tiniest puppy I’d ever had in class at only three pounds or so. She carried her little bundle of fur to her training session. I asked Amanda if she’d started any training with Finn. She certainly had! Finn new a whole repertoire of tricks and was more than happy to show them off.

It was obvious to me that Amanda had worked hard with Finn, but knowing she is a horsewoman and diligent trainer of horses it was no surprise she invested so much time into raising an exceptionally well-behaved Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy.

Finn is a comedian and a true joy to work with. There’s a rumor going around that at least one of Finn’s Christmas wishes is definitely coming true, and perhaps a bit early! Amanda has been considering bringing a new furry bundle of joy into the home, a young female Mini Aussie I hope to have in class in 2010!

Here’s Finn’s Christmas wish list:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would really like a girlfriend! If she is cute and brown and fluffy that will be just perfect. And she has to be fast so I can chase her! I’d like a trip to the casino…the “dog casino” made by my friend Nina O. And maybe a dog treat trapper, because mom always puts really good treats in those toys! I’d like turkey and macaroni and cheese. And cheese whiz. And I want to go back to classes with Casey and learn agility because mom says I can jump really high! Oh, and can mom please be a stay at home mom? It is a lot more fun when she is home! And the last thing is some mini sheep like mom showed me on youtube so I can herd them.


Wish List:
Dog Cassino- Nina Ottosson
Dog Treat Trapper- Nina Ottosson
Mac and Cheese
Cheese Whiz
RBDT classes
Agility Equipment
Mom to be a stay at home fur mom
Mini Sheep

Finn, you are such a good boy – I’m hoping Santa turns a blind eye to the homework and post its you’ve chewed up and instead concentrates on how many smiles and how much laughter you bring to those you meet when delivering toys this year!


Mr. Finnegan Begin Again

Who wouldn't want to find this present under the tree?

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