Molly is an RBDT Happy Holidog!

I met Molly shortly after her owners, Antoinette and Cathy, adopted her.

Molly was an exceptionally fearful dog and is growing more confident every day. I’m incredibly thankful that she was adopted by such compassionate, patient, and understanding owners who have invested time in her resocialization therapy.

Recently, I got to pet fearful “Good Golly Miss Molly” for the very first time. When a dog begins in class so fearfully, it is truly an accomplishment for both the dog/handler team and myself as well to reach such a milestone.

I asked Molly what she’d like for Christmas this year and received the following response:

Hi Casey,
I would like peaceful and loving homes for all (including humans too of course).


Her Christmas wish is typical of Molly’s sweetness, and a wish I share as well. Merry Christmas to Molly, Antoinette, and Cathy – may Santa bring you everything you dream of!

(P.S. Molly, Antoinette told me you ate the Santa Claus! Watch out for that behavior, your wish is so important we don’t want you to end up on the naughty list, ha!)

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