Leila is a RBDT Happy Holidog!

Leila was in one of the first puppy classes I ever taught, and came to Clicking with Canines an extremely fearful pup after her entire litter was rescued from a dumpster.

Since then, Leila has become the unofficial RBDT spokesdog. Leila’s owners Nicole and Rob are very dedicated to her training and the results speak from themselves. Leila has gone from being the most fearful dog in class to one of the most gregarious. Formerly one to hide under a chair trembling, she has now done demonstrations for Clicking with Canines for a local news station, working off leash at the Oakdale Mall on a Friday night with large observing crowds. Leila is also my dog Mokie’s very best friend and will be taking her Canine Good Citizen examination early in 2010, wish her luck!

Leila and Mokie relaxing at the classroom after play group:

Leila smiles:

Merry Christmas, Nicole, Rob and Leila. It’s been such a pleasure watching you grow as a family and I look forward to many fun classes, play groups, Dog Scout meetings, and trips to the ice cream store with the girls in 2010!

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