Tristan is a RBDT Happy Holidog!

Tristan is a young male Border Collie who is currently taking Foundation classes with his wonderful owner May. Aside from doing a great job training young Tristan, May also enjoys training horses!

Tristan loves playing with other dogs, particularly Duke the Boxer puppy and Rusty the Miniature Australian Shepherd pup. Tristan is also a tug champion, sometimes preferring the fleecy rope tug I made at our last Dog Scouts meeting to even the most delicious of treats!

May passed along Tristan’s Christmas wish list, I thought I’d share with all of you!

For Christmas, Tristan would love
1) an Automated Tug Toy (two cats are an acceptable substitute)
2) an off leash run with his matching equine girlfriend Tia 😀
3) a bed like Moms
In return for any of the above, Tristan is offering unlimited hugs, kisses and cuddling. Merry Christmas!!!

Tristan is a great puppy and definitely has earned his spot on the “nice” list this year. As you can see, he’s also earned a place of honor on the “ridiculously cute puppy” list as well!



Merry Christmas, May and Tristan! Hoping all your holiday dreams come true!

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