Lucky is an RBDT Happy Holidog!

Leanne, Lucky’s owner, is one of the most compassionate animal friends I know. She has a great heart for animals in need and so brought Lucky into her life as a foster child.

I don’t think I have any fostering friends who do not have at least one “failed foster,” a dog they brought into their house intending to rehome but fell in love with and ended up inviting into the house as a permanent family member. Lucky is Leanne’s “foster failure” and is a permanent addition to her home.

My best guess, knowing Lucky as well as I do, is that he is a Golden Retriever/Newfoundland mix. A typical adolescent, Lucky has some impulse control issues which we’re working on in classes. Lucky started in foundation classes and now participates in advanced classes and large dog play groups with me at the classroom. While he comes into class a ball of excitement, after some play with his good friend Thorby the Standard Poodle and Brutus the Shiba Inu he tires quickly. Initially, we had trouble teaching him to lie down and settle on a mat, now we have a hard time getting him off the mat!

Lucky has a beautiful temperament and I think will be an ideal candidate for therapy dog work once his impulsiveness is brought under control. He has never met a person he didn’t like!

For Christmas this year, Lucky would like unlimited attendance to play groups and impulse control classes, a Shiba Inu just like Brutus of his very own to play with, and lots of liverwurst and meatballs!



Merry Christmas from the Lomonacos to Leanne, her husband Dave, their three dogs Lucky, Avery, and Alayah, and the resident kitties! See you for play groups, classes, and private lessons this week and in the new year!

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