Niko is an RBDT Happy Holidog!

Just as I’m a sucker for a slobbery giant breed dog, I’m a sucker for Asian breed dogs – Chows, Akitas, and yes, Shiba Inus.

Eddie and Melissa attended an orientation not long ago. I was so excited to hear they had a Shiba puppy, I couldn’t wait to meet Niko!

Niko did not disappoint. He was every bit as cute as I knew he would be, and unbelievably smart! I would get the students started on an exercise, and in the 90 seconds that might have passed before I got around to Eddie, Melissa, and Niko they’d usually taught him two or three new tricks! I see great potential in Niko, Eddie, and Melissa’s potential together as a dog/handler team and am thankful for the opportunity to watch their continued growth!

Niko is a delight to have in class and extremely playful with other dogs. I am working now on putting together a small dog play group for my students, and don’t doubt that Niko will be amongst the most enthusiastic of participants!

I asked Melissa what’s on Niko’s Christmas wish list this year and she said, “Niko would like meatballs and a new duck toy to replace the two that went bye bye.”

Sorry about your duckie, Niko! I hope your Christmas wishes come true, and one of my Christmas wishes is to get a play group together for you early in 2010 so I can watch you have fun at the classroom again!



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