Ruffus is an RBDT Happy Holidog!

Like Leila, Ruffus was one of my first students at Clicking with Canines.

Those of you who know me are well aware of my propensity for big, slobbery, hairy, dogs. My love of Saint Bernards is well documented, and only slightly less well-known is the fact that I have a tremendous love for Newfoundlands, a love that started with Ruffus the Newfoundland.

Ruffus and his Newfoundland classmate Cooper were the first Newfies I had the pleasure of spending time with. I remember watching them gravitate toward each other at puppy play as if there were no other dogs in the room and laughing as the two of them wrestled on my lap.

Ruffus was a sweet puppy with a penchant for stealing and consuming cigarette butts. Ruffus’s owners Jeanette and Ron spent a lot of time at class working on loose leash walking and “leave it” with rolled up pieces of paper before finally graduating to real “leave its” with Ruffus’s most coveted of prizes, the actual cigarette butt.

Sadly, my very good friends Jeanette and Ron had to watch Ruffus go through some significant health problems in his puppyhood and young adulthood, including a number of surgeries and much crate rest. Truly, they saw him “through sickness and health” and now Ruffus is well on the road to recovery. I miss him, Jeanette, and Ron every single day and very much look forward to the day when they return to my classroom or at the very least, until our next visit!

This year, Ruffus would like salmon chips, some rubber sea maidens, a Wagnerian opera CD, and a chewable oriental rug for Christmas!

I think Ruf’s Christmas list demonstrates he has fine taste, in both Christmas gifts and in selecting two of the best, most committed dog owners I’ve had the pleasure of knowing to share his life with.

Most of my students are familiar with the game “101 Things to Do with a Box.” According to Ruffus, there is only ONE thing worth doing with a box, and that is systematically deconstructing it!



Here’s a great picture of Ruffus and Jeanette vacationing together this past summer:


Jeanette, Ron, and Ruffus, the Lomonacos love and miss you very much. Can’t wait to see you again. I hope your Christmas makes you as merry as our friendship makes me!

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