A Christmas poem from a friend

My students are fabulous and bring me all kinds of Christmas goodies. I guess it’s one of the perks of being a teacher.

I got a gift today that was so special I wanted to share it with you. My clients Antoinette and Cathy live with a very fearful rescued mixed breed dog named Molly. Molly really has blossomed in her class and has definitely come out of her shell, starting to make new human and canine friends at the classroom. I remember getting a little teary eyed the first time she let me pet her because I knew how much courage it required for Molly to bless me with such a gift.

I received a Christmas card this evening at class, containing a poem from Molly. Like a dork, I got choked up at class because I was so overwhelmed with pride for her success thus far and hopeful for her continued progress.

Here’s Molly’s Christmas poem to me, I hope you like it as much as I did!

My name is Molly
and I’m kinda shy
But my teacher Casey
has taught me to fly
She’s very patient
and gentle and kind
I love going to class
I don’t ever mind!
Casey has shown me
it’s ok to be me
My speed at acceptance
comes slowly you see
But I keep on learning
and trusting each day
And I’ve found my voice
I might even bay
So a big “Merry Christmas”
and lots of dog kisses
I send you my love
and many warm wishes



Molly has found her voice at class and makes all of us chuckle when she can no longer contain her hound dog baying. Your friendship is a gift, Molly, Cathy, and Antoinette. Few words could express how proud I am of you three ladies. It’s clients like you that make this the job of my dreams.

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