This week’s pet expert is Grisha Stewart, discussing Behavior Adjustment Training

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to update the Rewarding Behaviors blog. If you haven’t been following along on our forum, make sure you check in on our past experts to see what you missed!

Two weeks ago, fellow Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner Jane Fallander of A Great Dog Now joined us to discuss one of the most important skills a dog can learn, targeting. If you missed out, make sure you check out the forum discussion and get the information you need to start training your pet to target today!

Last week, Fran Jewell of and joined us to discuss tracking and scentwork. Teaching a dog scentwork is a fantastic bonding activity for you and your dog in addition to providing your dog with mental stimulation. Fran gave tips to forum tracking newbies as well as some of our members with much more tracking experience. Visit last week’s thread to see what you missed! Fran Jewell discusses scentwork and tracking on RBDT

This week, Grisha Stewart joins us to discuss Behavior Adjustment Training (B.A.T.), a new and revolutionary technique used to address behavior problems including aggression and reactivity. Grisha is the owner of Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle, Washington. You can follow Grisha (@doggiezen) for great training tips or get even more information on Behavior Adjustment Training in Grisha’s active and popular Yahoo group, Functional Rewards. Thanks for joining us this week, Grisha. I’m thrilled to have you on board!

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