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This week on the Rewarding Behaviors forum I have had the wonderful pleasure of welcoming my friend Jules Nye of Sit Stay & Play as our Pet Expert of the Week answering our forum members’ questions about barking.  Jules is a fellow Karen Pryor Academy graduate, a great friend, and a talented trainer and author.

More on Jules:

-Owner of Sit Stay & Play, Inc.
-Head Trainer & Animal Behaviorist
-Master Pet Sitteing Tech by Pet Sitters International
-Mentor Trainer for the Animal Behavior College
-Pet First Aid Instructor for the American Red Cross
-Professional Public Speaker & Educator

Jules has over ten years experience professionally working with animals. She started out working with reptiles, insects, fish and small animals when she was 14 years old. She began professionally training dogs in 1999, has been published in multiple magazines and web sites since 2004, such as,, the APDT Chronicle, and is a contributing author of Top Tips from Top Trainers: 1001 Practical Tips and Techniques for Successful Dog Care and Training. Jules is certified in pet first aid and CPR by the American Red Cross and is also authorized to teach Dog First Aid & CPR and Cat First Aid & CPR. Jules enjoys educating other animal professionals and the general public on animal behavior through private workshops, mentoring, and public presentations.

Jules has been a Canine Good Citizen evaluator for the AKC since 2000, and earned her CPDT from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in 2003. She has passed the Instructor’s Training Course given by Donna Duford, Kathy Sdao, Dee Ganley and Dana Crevling in November 2002. She attended the winter 2004 ClickerExpo in San Diego, CA with Karen Pryor, Steve White, Kay Laurence, and Kathy Sdao. In the Fall of 2005 Jules completed a Level 2 Instructors Course with Pat Miller, and later on that year became a mentor trainer for the Animal Behavior College. She completed Levels I, II, and III Veterinary Assistant courses during 2007.

During the ClickerExpo 2009, Jules had the opportunity to assist Tia Guest, Joan Orr, and Helix Fairweather as a coach in their Learning Labs helping participants train their dog. And in June of 2009 became a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. Recently this past fall Jules attended the Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference in CA. Besides the general conference, she completed two additional specialized educational workshops: shelter dog training for adoption at the SPCA, and exotic animal training at the Oakland Zoo.

Check out the fantastic youtube video Jules made to share with our group this week!

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