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Hi everyone!

In 2009, I encountered a number of new and wonderful dog products, but my favorite by far has been the Through a Dog’s Ear book and c.d. collection.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet one of the creators of Through a Dog’s Ear product line at the 2009 Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s conference in Oakland, California. I “knew” Lisa as a twitter friend and fellow blogger before the conference but had never before actually had the opportunity to meet Lisa until last October.

Since then, Lisa and I have stayed in touch through Facebook and emails. I was delighted to receive a wonderful package of Through a Dog’s Ear c.d.’s from Lisa recently and put them to immediate use both in my work with my clients, with my own dogs, and for some of my own “behavioral abnormalities.” I contacted Lisa shortly thereafter raving about the wonderful results and my happiness with the product.

My comments on the Through a Dog’s Ear product and results were recently posted on Lisa’s weblog on the website. To read more about my thoughts on this wonderful program, be sure to visit Lisa’s blog and read her entry Through a Trainer’s Ear.

Have you tried Through a Dog’s Ear yet? If so, stop by and share your story!

If not, what are you waiting for? Buy the book and at least one of the c.d.’s today, your dog will thank you for it!

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