This week, Pamela Johnson joins us to discuss calming the canine athlete!

Pamela Johnson returns as a weekly pet expert on RBDT!

It was such a wonderful pleasure to have Stacy join us last week. I know that many of you are dog professionals, and others are the most dedicated pet dog handlers I know…I think all of you will really enjoy Stacy’s website, a wealth of good information, fantastic articles, and a nice resource selection.

This week I am happy to welcome back Pamela Johnson. Many of you know Pamela originally from her fantastic training videos on on youtube. Pam has a number of other exciting websites and training projects on the web, including:

Pam’s Dog Academy

PT For Dogs on Blogspot

Pamela Johnson on Twitter

SD Canine Freestylers, a training club Pam founded with Emily Larlham of Kikopup fame:

Pam’s Dog Academy on Facebook

SD Canine Freestylers on Facebook

This week, Pam joins us to answer your questions on calming the canine athlete. Please join me in welcoming Pam back as our pet expert!

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