Congratulations to our newest Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners, and welcome new students!

Hi everyone,

Another bittersweet congratulations is in order as four new graduates have been certified as graduates of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior

Back row, L-R: Ellen, Audrey, Steve. Front row, L-R: Me, Jeff, Andre.

Ellen Tully, Andre Yeu, Jeff Levenson, and Audrey Cunningham are our newest graduates. Congratulations also to their fantastic dogs, Duffle, Petey, Munroe and Eli, respectively. Together, these four students and their dogs formed talented and committed training teams and all showed unbelievable growth throughout their four workshops. I have every confidence that all four of them will serve the Academy proud and will see professional success and personal satisfaction in their new careers.

Welcome, also, to our new students, who just had their first workshop last weekend at Clicking with Canines. Patrick and Liza, it is wonderful to see you again and enrolled in the program. Lorraine and Mary, it was fantastic meeting both of you ladies and your dogs. I look forward to three more fantastic workshops with all of you, and to enjoying learning both with and from you as you progress through the program.