Spring Socialization Celebration coming up on our forum!

This week, friend and colleague Laura Monaco-Torelli is joining us on Rewarding Behaviors to discuss parallels between exotic animal training and pet dog training. You can read along or participate in the discussion, learning more about Laura’s work and experience in both of these fields, on our Pet Expert of the Week forum.

Laura will be with us answering questions and sharing great training videos, tips, and articles until Sunday.

Spring is definitely here in upstate New York; and everywhere I look – driving down the road, visiting with a friend, checking email messages, on Facebook pages and feeds, in my class and lesson roster – I see an influx of new puppies and kittens. I’ve always thought Spring was the best season to bring a new puppy into your home; giving you lots of time to work on potty training and socialization before the return of the cold.

Beginning next week, and lasting throughout the end of April, I will welcome two fantastic experts to provide helpful tips and advice on how you can best socialize your puppy or kitten.

Next week, Karen Pryor Academy faculty member Laurie Luck will join us to discuss puppy socialization. Laurie is past president of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is the owner of Smart Dog University. You can follow Smart Dog University on Facebook or at www.twitter.com/smartdogu. Best of all is Smart Dog University’s free monthly newsletter, filled with fantastic training tips, blogs, articles, and video.

The following week, we will welcome Janet Valenovsky, fellow Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, is an accomplished animal behavior consultant, and an employee of one of my favorite companies, Premier Pet Products. Janet will be joining us to discuss kitten socialization. While the dog owning public is becoming increasingly aware of the critical importance of early and extensive puppy socialization, comparatively little information is available for the pet parent welcoming a new kitten into the family household. I’m thrilled that Janet will be joining us to discuss this critical issue.

Ann Dupuis, owner of Your Dream Dog in Randolph, Mass., will be joining us the first week in May to discuss one additional socialization topic all pet owners should be aware of, training your pet to be confident and comfortable during vet visits.

Don’t miss out on the socialization celebration on our forum, starting next week with Laurie Luck!

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