Laurie Luck kicks off the RBDT Spring Socialization Celebration!

Huge thanks to Laura Monaco-Torelli for joining us last week to discuss parallels between exotic animal and pet dog training. It was a great honor to welcome her on board and a gift that she shared her experience with all of us.

This week I’m happy to welcome my friend Laurie Luck on board. Laurie will be joining us to discuss puppy socialization, a topic that she addresses both as a trainer and a puppy raiser for an assistance dog organization. Visit our Pet Expert of the Week forum to join the fun!

Laurie owns and operates Smart Dog University in Maryland. You can visit her website at You may also follow Smart Dog University on twitter ( and on Facebook.

Smart Dog University also publishes one of the web’s best free clicker training newsletters, which you can subscribe to at Smart Dog Blog’s NetworkedBlog.

Laurie is former president of the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers, is currently a faculty member of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior & Training, and has recently been selected to serve with me, Laura Monaco Torelli, Irith Bloom, and Alicea Schaffer on the Karen Pryor Academy Alumni Advisory Board. To learn more about Laurie and her fantastic dogs, visit her bio page at

Please join me in welcoming Laurie to the boards this week, and stay tuned next week when Janet Valenovsky joins us to discuss kitten socialization!

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