Janet Velenovsky joins the Spring Socialization Celebration – we’re learning about kitten socialization all week!

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to see you had so many fantastic questions for Laurie last week.  Laurie, I’m especially thankful to you for donating your time (and for many other things unrelated to the pet expert column, friend).

This week, Janet Velenovsky continues the Spring Socialization Celebration on RBDT to discuss the importance of kitten socialization.  While a growing majority of dog owners understand the critical importance of extensive and early socialization for puppies, socialization has historically been stressed to a lesser degree in the cat owning community.  Cats benefit from many of the same things as dogs, including training, socialization, physical exercise, mental stimulation, and play!

Join us on the forum this week to learn more!

Janet is the Training and Behavior Education Manager for Premier Pet Products.  You can visit Janet’s website at www.velenovsky.com.

More about Janet:

Janet Velenovsky is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, a Therapy Animal Consultant, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and a volunteer on the behavioral team at the Richmond SPCA. In her day job, Janet acts as manager of the Training & Behavior Education Department for Premier Pet Products. She was a speaker at the 2006 Association of Pet Dog Trainers annual conference in Kansas City, MO, where she talked about cat behavior, and about opportunities for therapy dogs and the 2008 conference in Louisville, where she spoke about teaching APDT Rally. Janet also spoke about the expanding role of therapy animals at the 2007 national conference for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in Cleveland in April. Janet served on the Board of Directors for IAABC, briefly as President in 2008, and is currently the Chair of the Human-Animal Mutualism division.

Janet and Kaizen, her first Golden Retriever, a Delta Pet Partners therapy dog, visited Katrina-ravaged Louisiana in December 2005 as members of Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (http://www.hopeaacr.org), a non-profit group whose teams offer comfort and support for aid workers and those affected by natural and man-made disasters. Piper, her younger Golden, is Janet’s current Pet Partner.

Janet attends many veterinary, training, and behavior educational events each year, enjoying seminars and workshops with leaders in each field. She speaks in public often for veterinary students, training groups, behavior consultants, and pet owners.

Please join me in welcoming one of my favorite colleagues, Janet, this week on RBDT!