This week we welcome Ann Dupuis, discussing “Training Your Vet Will Love You For!”

Thanks to Janet Velenovsky for joining us last week and giving us all an introduction to kitten socialization! The gears are turning in my brain for some new kitten socialization services thanks to you!

This week we welcome Ann Dupuis as our pet expert, ending our fantastic spring socialization celebration! Ann will be discussing a very important topic for all pet owners, regardless of the animal species living in the home. Many pet owners know the frustration of visiting the veterinarian with a fearful animal, so if you or someone you know has experience with a veterinary-phobic animal, please about how to help your favorite companion enjoy less stressful vet visits.

Ann owns Your Dream Dog located in Randolph, MA.

More about Ann:

Ann Dupuis, owner of Your Dream Dog, is a creative, intuitive dog trainer who helps dog owners learn to communicate with and teach their dogs. Whether you simply want your pet to have good manners or you need solutions to behavioral problems (including aggression), she has the knowledge and tools to help.

Ann has been clicker training her dogs since 2001. She began seriously studying dog behavior, learning theory, training methods, and canine aggression in 2003, in order to help her own dogs. Her dog Brandy was reactive to other dogs and some people, while Nico was fearful of strangers and would growl, snap, and lunge if they got too close. Ann found the subject of dog behavior fascinating, and became a “seminar junkie.”

The work with her dogs and watching the progress they made were so rewarding she decided to make a career of sharing her knowledge, skills, and experience. (The constant litany of “When can I start sending some of my clients to you for help?” from her veterinarian helped that decision.) In addition to offering her services to private clients, Ann regularly assists author and Karen Pryor Academy faculty member Emma Parsons in her Reactive Dog classes at MasterPeace Dog Training in Franklin, MA. She also works with stray dogs and dogs up for adoption at the Randolph Animal Hospital (which is also Randolph’s town pound).

Ann continues to attend seminars, take courses, read books, and watch videos to keep up with the latest information on canine behavior and training. She hones her training skills on her own dogs, horses, and cats using clicker training and other animal-friendly methods. She has taught them all sorts of things, from cooperating with veterinarians and vet techs for medical exams to putting paper in the recycle bin.

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