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Hi everyone!

You may have noticed it’s been quiet on the Rewarding Behaviors blog recently. I’ve been keeping busy with classes and some fantastic new writing projects.

My newest article for Karen Pryor Clicker Training What Squirrel? 10 Techniques for Training with Distractions was published last week. Visit the KPCT site to learn more about how you can get reliable behaviors in any environment!

I’m currently working on a “Foundations of Clicker Training” course for the Karen Pryor Academy. It’s a fun and exciting project, but has kept me quite busy. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help this wonderful organization spread the word about modern training to pet professionals and pet parents alike.

In May, I started writing the new Behavior and Training blog for You can subscribe to the RSS feed and have 20+ behavior blogs a month sent directly to your email account!

I also joined the “experts team” at DogTime this past month. They have a fantastic line up of pet experts providing lots of information on how you can maximize your dog’s behavioral and physical health. Check out this link to access information from all of Dogtime’s fabulous experts!