Mokie Practices “Lick It,” Casey Practices Timing Skills

One of the exercises for Karen Pryor Academy (and one that many students struggle with) is capturing a lip lick and putting it on cue. Capturing the lip lick can be more difficult than capturing a larger movement like sit or down because the lip lick often starts out as the smallest flick of the tongue, lasting a fraction of a second.

Capturing is the practice of clicking and reinforcing behaviors which the learner does naturally – for dogs this may be sitting, barking, lying down, a paw lift, eye contact, yawning, or a lip lick!

Here’s a video from our practice session last night. We haven’t worked on this behavior in two years now, so I didn’t start out using the cue. She’s getting to where we’re ready to add the cue back in for the behavior. I thought you would enjoy the video (she is especially cute, though I’m biased), and that it may be good clicker timing practice for my readers. I might tape some sessions working on the same behavior with Monte, who is a much slower licker than Her Royal Chowness.