This week’s expert Tena Parker answers your questions on pet photography!

Last week, we were lucky enough to welcome one of my favorite trainers, Laura VanArendonk Baugh of Canines in Action as our pet expert. Laura is on the faculty of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior, and is one of the most innovative clicker trainers I know. Laura joined us to discuss and answer forum questions on the topic of impulse control. If you have an easily aroused dog that needs to learn life skills and self-control, make sure you visit our forum and see what you missed!

This week, I’m thrilled to welcome my friend Tena Parker back as an RBDT pet expert. Tena is an accomplished disc dog competitor and instructor, long-time forum member on RBDT, frequent winner of our Clicker Trick of the Month contest, and a fantastic dog photographer. This week, she’ll be discussing pet photography. Stay tuned for lots of great tips, tricks, and techniques to get the best pictures and portraits of your favorite pup(s)! Join the fun today!

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