Lots of fun at class tonight!

After an orientation for some new students at the classroom, we had a pretty motley crew at our all-ages manners class tonight.  I got to enjoy an evening with advanced student Nicole (mom to RBDT all-star and Mokie’s best friend, Leila), clients Paul and Carly and their Miniature Labradoodle puppy, Lulu, clients Annarose and Kelli with their Westie puppy McKenzie, clients Rachel and Scott with Akita puppy Maiya, and a return from one of my favorite ladies, Wendy, and one of the biggest sweethearts I know, Great Dane Riley.

There was something very therapeutic about seeing my great friend Riley the Dane again.  I hadn’t seen him in about a year (his ballet instructor and busy Dane mom has to commute one hour to class and one hour home) and it made my heart feel good to once again snuggle up with a doggy friend that is as big as me.

In any case, all the dogs were fantastic tonight.  We practiced the name game, loose leash walking, figure 8’s, early object discrimination, and targeting.  There was also lots of great play, and I thought I’d share with you this evening’s “odd couple.”  McKenzie, a four month old Westie, meets three year old Dane Riley and is absolutely smitten.  Riley was a doll with all the ladies tonight, and each of the young female puppies got to meet him.  What a valuable socialization opportunity for these young dogs, I am so glad he joined us tonight!

Enjoy the pictures, provided by McKenzie’s moms Annarose and Kelli: