RBDT Dog of the Week: McKenzie!

I’m happy to announce that McKenzie, Westie puppy and “dogter” to great dog moms Annarose and Kelly, is this week’s Rewarding Behaviors Dog of the Week!

This was a big week for McKenzie.  Her moms have been doing great work with her on puppy push ups and down with distractions.  She’s also turning into quite the agility star, and is currently working on tunnel, a-frame, and buja board!

McKenzie also wins two bravery awards this week – one for playing so nicely with Riley the Great Dane and one for coming down the stairs all by herself for the first time.  Good girl, McKenzie!

McKenzie also modeled for my next article due to publish in the Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s Chronicle; the pictures will be from her first targeting lesson.

I’m so proud of Annarose, Kelly, and McKenzie.  What a fantastic training team you three make!