Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 4

Day 4
Toys rotated – woolly bone goes away, Orbee treat spot goes away, Hurley goes away, Nylabone goes away

Today’s new toys – Pogo Plush, Kong Air Dog SqueakAir Tennis Ball, Coleman Supersized Moose Trophy Dog Toy, Mr. Bill plush talking dog toy (thanks Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Seamus Cerretani!), Dr. Noys Squeaky Plush Teddy Bear toy, bite bar, stick

Husbandry – nails trimmed (clippers, next week dremel) – he slept through the entire process while I did all four paws, teeth brushed, handled – teeth, gums, roof of mouth, tongue, under tongue, ears, eyes, manly bits, tail, paws, toes, full body brushing

New people – approximately 30 new people, including many burly men (warehouse employees at Jim’s work who absolutely melted and took numerous pictures with cell phones, LOL) and veterinary employees in scrubs, one bicyclist – loved everyone

Vet visit – was fantastic!  Pretty much slept through the whole thing, even when she took his temperature, examined his ears, manipulated various body parts, checked heart rate, etc.  Relaxed even when put on sanitized examination table.  Vet was very impressed and pleased with his temperament!

New animals – 4 well-socialized adult dogs (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Black Labrador Retrievers), 5 new cats (2 kittens, 3 adults), 6 chickens!

Visit to dad’s office and warehouse – introduced to forklifts, elevator  (also, I forgot to mention on Day 2 that he went both up and down escalators with no problems), walking on tile, carpet, brick, concrete

New treats – Wellness Turkey Jerky and Venison Jerky

Other dogs near his crate

Sounds – rap music, vacuum, thunderstorm c.d.

New crate – plastic hard sided – now introduced to wire crate, soft sided crate, plastic crate

New environments – vet’s office, Jim’s office, warehouse at farm supply co., walking through tall grass, walking in a creek, chilling outside the chicken coop, in a new home/cabin

Puppy bonus – Mr. Bill talking plush toy from Aunt Kim and Uncle Seamus!

Received reinforcement for –

appropriate toileting



settle on mat

hand targeting

walking in water

walking up and down stairs

riding on elevator

greeting new people

greeting new animals

chewing appropriate objects

dropping inappropriate objects (paper towel)

walking near my side, especially on my left

playing “chase mom” – early recall game

eye contact


soft mouth

greeting with “four on the floor”

quiet in the crate

lying down in the crate

Other training exercises

Continue “charging” clicker at meal times, delivering bits of his raw meal by hand after each click to create a conditioned reinforcer

Common Puppy Problems Observed – Solutions and Responses

Barking in the crate at night – Cuba is still adjusting to sleeping away from his litter and vocalizes for about 10 – 15 minutes when put in his crate for the night.  This is a time for “tough love” – we ignore this behavior.  Only quiet puppies get let out of crates.  I will be monitoring carefully over the next week to see if vocalization time decreases.  I will also practice feeding Cuba in his crate, petting/massaging in his crate, and need to introduce crate games/shaping him to get into his crate and lay down on cue.  This may mean going to bed half an hour or forty five minutes early, giving him treats and massage in his crate until he is relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Might introduce Through a Dog’s Ear and a short walk before bed to increase progress in this area.

Potty training tip – generally, we take him out for a potty break every hour.  That is OUR potty schedule.  I am also very aware that puppies are likely to eliminate after sleeping, drinking, eating, or playing, so I make sure that I give him opportunities to go out at these times.  This is HIS potty schedule.  Meeting in the middle, we have been successful so far – no potty accidents whatsoever yet.  So far, he sleeps about 4 – 5 hours at night, thank goodness!