Puppy Socialization Diaries Day 5

Hi everyone!

Here is today’s progress report on Cuba’s socialization.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

New people

Approximately 20 new kids, ages 3 months – 12 years

Guy on ladder

Bald man with beard

Lovely Kenyan family, gentleman, wife, two young ladies and one young man

Kids splashing in pond

Kids playing on flotation toys in pond

Kids jumping off dock

People in paddleboats, kayaks, canoes

Look at that/listen to that with motorcyclists

People driving golf carts

People playing basketball

Kids running/screaming/laughing

Kids on bikes

Children in life jackets/swim suits

Children playing on a playground (swings, slides, monkey bars, etc.)

Baby in stroller

Baby in walker

Total approximately 15 new adults

New animals

Look at that with cows, horses

Play with miniature poodle

Frogs jumping in the pond

Dog barking behind fence

New environments

More swimming – this time in a lake, not a creek


Walk through the woods

Playing in a tent

Drive through window at Dunkin’ Donuts

Look at that w/ hot air balloons (lots of them, some nearly directly over the house)

Listen to that with distant fireworks and sirens

Relaxing sound environment – introduced Through a Dog’s Ear (worked like a charm!)

Riding crated in the van

In van alone in crate while I pumped gas

Being crated home alone while I worked and Jim walked Mokie

Eating Kong in bathtub

Chewing bully stick in bedroom crate

Playing in mud

New husbandry

T-Touch on gums, ears

Having muddy paws rinsed off

Eating Kong/bully stick while someone is holding it and petting him

Being pet while eating

New Toys

Complete toy rotation, except for Kong, which is how he receives his meals for now.  New toys today: Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl, Wetnoz Spring Roll, Kong Wubba, Boiled Wool Snake Toy, Lucky Bamboo Stick

The Wubba was definitely his favorite!

New Treats

Nature’s Variety Rabbit Kibble (first time he’d accept kibble!)

Peanut Butter

Behaviors we worked on:
Clicking for outside potties

Clicking for sit, down, eye contact, name response, walking politely on leash, soft mouth, play bow, targeting, voluntary check ins, chase me, backing off when we “Be a Tree”

Cuba’s decided it’s fun to play bow, chase, and bark at Ahab the three-legged cat – played Look at That Cat today, obtained nice focus around Ahab

“Trade ups” – toy for treat exchanges

Lots of crating practice – last night was the first night he settled in the bedroom crate and went to sleep without a peep!

After all of this, he was a very tired boy.