Puppy Socialization Diaries Days 8 and 9

Wow, day 8 was a HUGE socialization day that left the entire family exhausted!

New People

Lots!  Probably 35 new people of all ages, sizes, colors, and abilities.  Included:

  • Approximately 10 kids, infant through adolescent
  • One elderly lady in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank
  • One man in military uniform
  • Approximately 7 total new men
  • One man with dread locks
  • One lady with a bundle of huge balloons
  • Two families with infants in strollers
  • One young boy wearing a bicycle helmet
  • One nurse in scrubs
  • Two kids riding on bikes

New Dogs

  • Played “listen to that” with the neighbor’s dogs barking at the fence – two Doxies, one Westie, one Chihuahua
  • Played “look at that” with the other neighbor’s new Jack Russell puppy
  • Met two Pekingese on a leash walk with Mokie earlier
  • Greeted one Lab, one Dobie on walk
  • Had a fantastic play date with a lovely brindle adolescent pibble mix Yoshimi.  Yoshimi and Cuba adored each other!


  • Bath – we’ve made really nice progress here!  He was a bit nervous at first, but calmed quickly and sat in the tub.  Good boy!  More tuna fish in the bath tub today, he really has improved immensely in the bath already.
  • Getting treats while getting pets and scratches from strangers

New Surfaces to Walk On

  • Mulch
  • Trampoline
  • Trampoline with little kid!
  • Plastic tarp
  • Pebbles
  • Walking over a grate in the floor

New Environments

  • Busy city street (buses, motorcycles, tractor trailers, etc.)
  • Hairdresser’s shop
  • Nursing home


  • bathing
  • clicking for outside toileting
  • crating and practiced separations
  • loose leash walking
  • tethering
  • clicking for soft mouth
  • clicking for eye contact
  • exposure to motorcycle sounds

Day 9

New People

Approximately 15 – including 2 senior citizens in wheelchairs, 10 kids ages 6 – 15

New Environments

  • Classroom
  • Park
  • Grandma’s house
  • Another visit to the senior citizen’s center!

New Dogs

  • Play with my brother’s Basset Hound
  • Play with my mom’s English Springer Spaniel
  • Second visit with Grandma’s toy poodle
  • 2 black mixed breed dogs barking from behind the fence (played look at and listen to that!)


  • More motorcycles
  • Fireworks at mom’s next door neighbors
  • Lady yelling
  • Car horn beeping

New Toys


  • Gum/full mouth, toe, ear massages
  • Picking bits of dried raw food from his fur (lovely)
  • Brushing
  • Toe squeezes
  • Tail pull
  • Skin “poke” with finger tip


  • Continue whistle training recall
  • Feed tuna fish in bath tub
  • Practice hand targeting, name response, sit, down, stand
  • Good boy – no potty accidents today!