Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 11

I know that I’m now two days behind in the puppy socialization blog (hey, I’ve been busy with my puppy!), but I figured that days 11 and 12 were such big days for Cuba I would still give each of them their own entry.  So here’s Day 11!

New People

  • Approximately 30 – including garbage men, restaurant employees in uniform, mail men, children through senior citizen age ranges.
  • Being approached by groups of people
  • Being approached by new people after dark

New Dogs

  • McKenzie – Westie puppy
  • Paisley – adult Yorki-poo
  • Hambone – adult Beagle/Sheltie cross
  • He liked all of these dogs and played well with them.  He also got to see his Standard Poodle friend Thorby again!

New Husbandry

  • Classical conditioning while spraying water on his fur.  Both he and Mokie could hardly have cared less about the spray – no fear noted at all, even when I spritzed his face.  :o)
  • Having his jowls wiped down with a rag (not necessary yet, but will be at some point!)
  • Pokes and piches

New nvironments

While this was not Cuba’s first visit to the classroom, it was perhaps one of the most exciting visits.  Cuba did have a lot of fun with the other dogs and was wonderful about self-handicapping when playing with the littler dogs – both the Westie and Yorkie-Poo are about half his size!  He was very good in class – spending about half of the hour of class time sleeping in his crate and the other half working on exercises like loose leash walking, being desensitized for various types of handling, and learning to leave food on the floor alone.

After class, I had to meet with my business partner Steve Benjamin.  We are hoping to host a seminar by behaviorist Kathy Sdao next month at our facility, which desperately needed to have the floors painted.  Cuba stayed in his crate while Steve and I moved the following:

  • Approximately 5 large tables
  • 1 rolling cart
  • 1 credenza on wheels
  • 2 small tables
  • 1 desk
  • 12 chairs
  • carpets rolled up, carried, dropped on rubber matted floor
  • 1 freezer
  • 1 small refrigerator
  • 1 6′ display rack
  • large metal file cabinet (moved on a dolly)
  • Items falling off tables/rack while we moved them
  • Colorful language – note to self:  do not wear sandals to future furniture moving events

After moving everything, we vacuumed and mopped to prepare the classroom for painting.  For all of this, Cuba relaxed in his crate.  Initially, he was eating out of his Kong.  When his Kongs were emptied, he just fell asleep!

New Toys

Nina Ottosson Tornado

Tuffee’s Larry the Lobster (a gift from clients Annarose and Kelly)

Buster Cube

Training Notes

Nice progress on sit, down, settle in your crate, name response, Sue Ailsby’s levels for conformation

So far, the only things I’ve introduced Cuba to that he seemed to dislike or show fear of are bathing and ear flushing.  Lots of progress on both of these already!