Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 12

Another big day for Cuba!

After a slow start to the rainy day, I called my client and friend Nicole to see if she’d like to bring Mokie’s bestie Leila over for some play and perhaps a hike.  Cuba and Mokie were both excited to see Leila again, and Cuba and Leila tugged like crazy together with our boiled wool braided toy.  Then we went out for a hike through the woods in the creek.  Cuba went swimming again!  Later, we went to a party and bonfire at my cousin’s house.

New People

Approximately 50, including many children

While we were hiking at the creek, we came across a man using a chainsaw to cut wood.  Later, we saw him again as he road past us on his four wheeler which was attached to a cart carrying the wood.  Played “look at that” with Cuba, no fear evident even though the four wheeler was only approximately 12 feet away.  Good boy!

Four wheelers in the dark – maybe three or four of them?

Children swinging bats at a pinata

Kids crying, screaming, laughing

Kids holding his bully stick while he chewed it

Trade ups with little kids

Little kids petting him while he got drinks

Lots of treats from lots of different people

Being held by my niece, grandmother, aunt, mom, sister

New environments

Two new creeks!


Being in the woods at night time


Lots of people in the dark


More swimming!  Cuba did fantastically swimming.  He was dragging his leash our entire walk and received approximately 90 reinforcements for voluntary check ins and walking at my side over the course of our hike.

Since the party last night was out in the woods, I also reviewed having stuff sprayed on his fur.  This time it was not just water but water with raw, organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar to help keep the bugs away.  Him and Mokie both got sprayed with the stuff and received treats.  They smelled like a salad, but weren’t bothered by the bugs.