Puppy Socialization Diaries – Day 14

Photo credit Jamie Ohman

Day 14 was about eleventy billion times cooler than day 13.  We had a wonderful adventure together and now I am very much enjoying his sleepiness and the opportunity it provides me to catch up on my writing and blogging!

I woke up very excited. Friends were coming to visit from out of town for a doggy adventure! My hopes were somewhat dashed when I arose to see a grey sky and air that was so heavy with moisture it felt like I was wearing a wet towel. Mother Nature did not disappoint, and brought a morning downpour.

I had an early private consultation with a client today, so it was Cuba’s first time in the crate all alone for a couple hours.  He settled in nicely with a tuna fish stuffed Kong before I left and was snoozing contentedly when I returned home to pick him and Mokie up for a great adventure. Luckily, by this point, the sun had chased the clouds and the rain away and we were left with a beautiful, sunny afternoon with very little humidity. Perfect!

My client Nicole met me at my house with Mokie’s bestie and my star pupil Leila.  We had out-of-town visitors coming along for the trip.  My friend Jamie came down from Syracuse with her Montana Herding Dog, Risa (lovely dog with miscellaneous herding ancestry).  My friend Tena was a whopping six hours from her home near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her adolescent Australian Cattle Dog/Unidentified Sight Hound mix Rio and her Border Collie mix, Shayne.

After meeting up at my house, we packed into two cars for an adventure.  Jamie took Risa and Tena’s brood in her vehicle.  Nicole, myself, and the pups went in the Saint Mobile.  We took a brief ride to Nathanial Cole Park, one of my favorite parks in the Broome County Parks system.

Because it was a Monday afternoon, the park was practically empty. We virtually had the entire place to ourselves! The dogs got to do lots of walking, hiking, and swimming. Mokie would have chased sticks until she drowned if I had let her, as is her custom. Arguably, Cuba’s favorite part of the day was playing in the sand. He absolutely went bonkers! Rolling, tumbling, and zooming around in the sand left me with a soggy, sandy puppy, so we went back in the lake for more swimming and a rinse off. He’s a fantastic little swimmer!

I was glad that the grounds crew was working at the park today, because Cuba got exposed to tractors, lawnmowers, and weedeaters. All of the dogs took this in stride as though they didn’t even notice.

Like an idiot, I brought my camera but the battery was still charging in my living room, which did me little good. Luckily for me (and my readers as well), my friend Jamie is a fantastic photographer with a wonderful camera and took better pictures than I would have anyway.

Later, everyone came back to my house. Tena had made delicious cupcakes which she graciously shared with us all. Since Tena provided treats for the people, I gave the dogs some yummies and they all had chicken feet for a snack.

I had planned on bringing Cuba down to the classroom tonight for my Games class, but he was very tired after this big adventure so stayed home and napped in his crate instead. When I returned, he and Mokie got raw dinners which they very much enjoyed. Now both of them are passed out, and Cuba is wagging his tail in his sleep. I think he forgave me for day 13.

Photo credit Jamie Ohman