Puppy Socialization Diaries – Lame-o Day 13

OK, I admit it.  Day 13 was pretty lame compared to some of the other adventures we’ve had with Cuba so far.  It was a rainy, yucky day and both Jim and I had lots of work to get done.  Before you call the authorities on me for neglect, I will say that we did get some pretty good socialization in even on a day at home with only a few visitors!

We did a lot of work on desensitization to various sounds.  Here are some of the .mp3s we used that I found online:

We also did some work on handling (ear flushes, toe squeezes, mouth examination), grooming (brushing, combing, blow dryer), and are making really nice progress with desensitizing him to the bath tub.

He also played with the Nina Ottosson Twister for the first time. While this is Mokie’s favorite of our N.O. toys currently, it is still a little advanced for Cuba.

Despite day 13’s relative lameness, fear not!  Day 14 was awesome so you have something to look forward to!